About Orimed
pharmaceutical company

Who is Orimed Pharma?

Orimed is an up and coming, innovative Canadian pharmaceutical company actively involved in the fields of sexual dysfunctions for women and men, bone health, pain and insomnia with new therapeutic fields coming. Through its own R&D as well as partnerships with international companies, Orimed provides innovative solutions and tools to physicians and their allied healthcare professionals to better treat and serve their patients.

How are we involved in helping patients with sexual dysfunctions?

Being constantly lead forward by innovation, Orimed develops strategically needed products. By concentrating our efforts in answering the breach between patient needs and physician requirements, we have realised how patients suffering with sexual dysfunctions have very few medical options. Today we are on the forefront of new forms of treatment for this category of patients; our main goal aimed at educating doctors about and how to pinpoint traits in patients. Lack of intimacy is a leading factor in depression and a multitude of psychological states of distress. Hence, sexual health and satisfaction is vital to women and men in maintaining a happy, balanced lifestyle.

Want to learn more about us? Visit us at : www.orimedpharma.ca